The Royal Mint

I was the creative artworker on this 12pp for The Royal Mint. The majority of the work on this was in Photoshop as all the coin images and images of the box sets needed a lot of retouching initially. They then had to have the glass shadow reflections added and montaging, and whilst this was proceeding there would be a client amend to change a few coins!
I made quite a lot of leaflets similar to this as it was a big year for The Royal Mint due to many British anniversaries.

Lloyds Bank Magazine

An urgent request came from Lloyds Bank to create some brochures, so with very little time to plan or find resource the project required someone who could design and artwork with a very quick turnaround. I took these projects on, and made six of these internal brochures in all, designing and artworking them whilst liasing with the client as we progressed the brochure via conference calls. The client supplied their own copy, and the graphs and data were all provided in powerpoint slides which I then rebuilt in Illustrator to match the design. All the brochures were met with huge praise from all the Lloyds Bank staff, and we had many nice emails of thanks from them! 

Quolux brochure

I took this project through to print from very early pencil scamps working closely with the Art Director. 

Quolux is a company who offer advice on leadership and business strategy, and their logo is a spectrum, so light became the theme of the design. 
I sourced many of the images, adapting and enhancing the stock photography to give them greater impact. The client was thrilled with his final brochure! 

nPower Magazine

I was the creative artworker on this 14pp for Signal, which included a lot of Photoshop work on most of the images. 

RSPB brochure

Magazine for The RSPB. I was the designer and artworker on this magazine, which went through some considerable client changes from when the first scamps were presented. All the images that were supplied required a lot of montaging and retouching. 

RIO brochure

The creative for these brochures was based on previous editions, I was given a pagination for which products would be included and built the trade fair leaflets from that. We also had them translated into many different languages for the international trade shows, so once the master was signed off, we would produce the rest.

Mazak Engineering

Trade show brochure 12pp, CMYK and spot colours.

IMP Astrology mailing
The Monte Carlo and Korean Television Festivals

For seven years I made the magazines for the Monte Carlo and Korean film and television festivals. Working with TV Formats, who managed the projects and supplied me with the images and copy, I was responsible for all the layout and the design.
We had to work to an extremely tight deadline as many of the keynote speakers were not confirmed until the last minute.


Here is a one of the brochures that was a preview of the festival which was sent out to all the attendees. We also made the daily update magazines, flyers and many of the supporting ads. After the festivals we made a review magazine which
was sent out to everyone who had attended the festival.

The Scouts

One of a set of 3 leaflets made for the cubs, the other two were similar in style for the scouts and girl guides. Last two pages not included, as they were just blank for notes. Agency Cotswold Outdoor.

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