Photoshop Retouching

Here's a montage I made for the National Trust showing some of the stages in the process. The concept was to illustrate the decaying building by applying the crumbling feeling to recently taken photographs of the interior. You can see the full pack shot on the Portfolio page

Just a few 'before' and 'afters'! Hover over the image for basic info, click on image to enlarge it.


This left hand column is
the original I was given...


This right hand column shows the same image manipulated in Photoshop.

Coffee shop planning application

I was commissioned to visualise the proposed move of the front door and extension for Cirencester Planning Department. 

Original; banner removed, door recoloured, interior brought to life.

Final; I created a new doorway and fascia board, hanging sign added, flowers, supplied in three colourways.

National Trust prize

This was a NT prize incentive but they no longer had the actual book so this was all we had. The book sleeve was battered and the perspective wasnt right. 

I removed the title so that I could repair the underneath, give it a sheen gradient for the light, matched the font and replaced the title, repaired all the creases, then transformed the perspective and gave it a shadow.

Kenco mailer

Required for a mailer before the tin had been manufactured, so we only had the blank tin and the flat artwork.

The concept was 'it is so good, you will want to hide it from everyone' ! 

I found a stock image with the hands in the right position. I then montaged the tin into her hands, making sure the light and the reflections made it look realistic.

Retouch and cutout

The campaign was about raising money for doctors bicycles in Africa in order for them to be able to visit remote villages, but we only had this image from the field trip.

A fair amount of rebuilding needed to be done after the bike was cut out. 

Recreating a lost sculpture (1)

The artist who made this 3D painting only had a greyscale photograph of his artwork but wanted to display the finished piece on his website, so I retouched and colourised it.

Rebranding an ice-cream cart

English Heritage were interested in buying some of these carts from my client, but wanted to see what they would look first.

I was sent this photo of the cart and I made the visual on the right in Photoshop.  
Cut out first, then replaced with a less cluttered scene, removed the cow print pattern and then added EH's logo and branding.

Recreating a lost sculpture (2)

The artist who made this sculpture wanted to showcase his lifetimes work on his new website and this was the only image he had of it. Simple light adjustment, cut out and retouch.

NB... This page is an ongoing WIP, I have a lot more to add! :) 

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Saskia Whitfield © 2019

Book retouched

AFTER: Repaired ripped cover, cut out, changed perspective.